Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Illness Defeats Truman-Daniel

Margaret Truman Daniel, former President and First Lady Harry and Bess Truman's only child, died this morning in Chicago at the age of 83. She was one of the eldest surviving children of an American president, second only to John Eisenhower, the son of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Daniel achieved much notability of her own accords, as well. She was the author of mystery novels, many of them set in Washington; books on the White House; and biographies, including books on her father and her mother. Through it all, though, she stayed humble:

“How can anybody be pretentious about something that is temporary?” she said in a 1980 article in The Star. “… It never entered my mind that I or my parents were special people. We just weren’t.”
The Truman presidential library is saying that Daniel suffered a brief illness and was on a respirator for the past several weeks. But, I, for one, can't help but wonder if this wasn't someone extracting his revenge...

[Kansas City Star]

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Even though I was expecting it...I was happy to see the title of the post.