Friday, January 18, 2008

Macedonia's Nikola Kljusev's Mass is Done-ia

Nikola Kljusev (pronounced: Kljusev), who served as Macedonia's first prime minister after the country gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, has passed away at the age of 80. Kljusev seems to have been somewhat of a Renaissance man in Macedonia, serving as prime minister and defense minister, but at other times as a researcher, director, professor and dean of the Economics Institute. He is remembered fondly:

"In these moments of grief, we should feel proud that we had Nikola, whose life-long work will be remembered by all in the Republic of Macedonia. We will cherish the memory of him forever," says the letter of condolence that President Crvenkovski sent to the Kljusev's family.
The Macedonian government has declared today a national day of mourning, and in accordance with traditional mourning, let's allow the mountaineers to blow their alphorns as we chant along with Kljusev's name: "Ni-co-la!"

[Makfax Online]

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