Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holy Bloody Nipples! Doherty Running Body, Not Drugs

Pete Doherty is in training for the London marathon and has been wearing his girlfriend's bra because of the injuries sustained running, it has been claimed.

As previously reported, the Babyshambles star is on a serious health drive after quitting drugs and has thrown himself into exercise. According to reports, his lengthy running sessions have played havoc with his chest, prompting the unusual request to model Portia Freeman.

A 'source' explained: "He's doing so well. He's really serious about kicking drugs and this is really testing his will power and giving him a goal. "All that is putting him off are his amazingly sore nipples, but Portia's underwear is really helping."
Personally, we feel that many of the slang running terms could be misunderstood as lingo for drugs or drug-related paraphernalia. These include: Bonk, CoolMax®, DNF, Fartlek, Hash House Harriers, Joints in Motion, Log, (LSD), Sciatica, Slow Twitch, Supplex®, Toebox and Wicking.

We feel that it's nice to see Doherty get his joints in motion after all this time away from running.

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