Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Fair Dreyfus Brought People Together

Former Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus, who signed the nation’s first statewide gay rights law in 1982, died Wednesday. He was 81.

“I’m amazed even today just how well people remember him and thought of him,” his son said. “Certainly, he was a very positive person within the media. People in general who knew him and had regular contact with him understood his very real love for people. He was without question a people person.”

Dreyfus had suffered from heart and breathing problems and never fully got his breath back after several operations, said Bill Kraus, a former aide to Dreyfus and a family spokesman. “He’s been fighting for breath for a couple of years and it finally gave out,” Kraus said.
Dreyfus was known for the 20 different red vests he rotated between regularly. At bars - gay or straight - throughout Wisconsin today, this one's for you, governor.

[The Journal Times]

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