Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yes, That Was Pat Summerall on FOX Yesterday

When referring to college football's "Granddaddy of them all" on January 1st, most people are talking about the Rose Bowl, or as it's officially known, The Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi. But the real Granddaddy of them all has to be yesterday's Cotton Bowl announcer, Pat Summerall. But isn't he a little, um, old and/or ailing to be on the air? Hardly.

Summerall, 77, made some miscues, although he generally quickly corrected himself. After the game, by phone, he said he felt "rusty" but it "was good to be back." Summerall, who had a liver transplant in 2004, would like to get more TV work "because my health is so much better." He says his last physical showed his vital signs were better than when he joined the Army at 19 but getting on-air "isn't up to me."
I'd make a timely joke about him getting more TV work, but one of my New Year's resolutions includes not making fun of Dick Clark.

[USA Today]

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